Video Surveillance

Best video surveillance service providers


Video surveillance has become a crucial security measure for homes as well as businesses of any size.

Although you may have a security team for your business safety, but a security team alone cannot ensure complete safety. There is a need to keep an eye on each and every corner of your building at all hours of the day. We offer this added security and peace of mind with our video surveillance services. Our video security services involve a number of camera and recording devices to keep a watchful eye day and night. Installing cameras at specific locations of your building increases the security of your building at real time and also you can track all events for later review.

ECCN Inc. is the best video surveillance provider in Virginia to install or design a completely new video security system for you or upgrading your existing security systems such as cameras and other recording devices. We are specific in providing tailor made security services with the help of our highly skilled staff to meet the requirements of our clients. We provide our services to both residential and commercial areas.

When you are away from your business or home, you no longer need to worry about your property. We solve your problems by designing a mechanism through which you can view your home or business from your smart phone or laptop even when you are miles away.

We are there to install and design a number of different types of cameras such as bullet cameras, concealed security cameras, dome security cameras, IP security cameras, high definition megapixel security cameras, and etc.

We are also very specific in providing NVR (network video recording surveillance systems). This system is specific in streaming recorded video onto a hard drive. This system needs no video connectors and thus can be installed anywhere. Also these video surveillance systems have capability to record and replay simultaneously. NVR is a scaleable system to handle a number of cameras and can be expanded in the future. We service IP cameras as well as any other existing system. IP Camera signals are sent across Ethernet cables and have a much higher resolution as compared to analog cameras.

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