If you are looking for physical security for your organization, then you have visited the right place, ECCN Inc. Our number one priority is client satisfaction with our best possible services. We have highly trained and skilled professionals to fulfill your security needs.

We are here to provide security to your organization with our uniformed armed and unarmed security guards. We have a well trained security guard department  to fulfill your specific security requirements. Our uniformed armed and unarmed security guards are highly trained to provide security services in Virginia, all year round, 24/7 protection.

Our well trained uniformed security guards offer the following services:

  • Complex security and patrolling services
  • Bank security
  • Car dealership security
  • Event specialized security
  • Industrial and warehousing security
  • Residential and commercial security
  • Retail store security
  • Hostel security
  • Fire watch services
  • Hotel security
  • Hospital security
  • Constitution security

We have DCJS trained and certified uniform armed guards. Also we have mandatory training for our employees every 90 days so that they can fulfill our clients’ current needs and clients can get the protection they require. Also there is a phase of evaluating our employees during training to measure their qualities and specifications.

Same as uniformed armed guards, our uniformed unarmed guards are also DCJS certified and it is mandatory for them to undergo the same rigorous training as the uniformed armed guards are required to do so. Our employees are highly professional, friendly, helpful, and polite with observation and reports.

We are well experienced in mobile patrol services. Our mobile patrol unit is combined with both unarmed and armed guards. These services have their sole mean to provide you security. These services are designed to secure your property with frequent visits by our officers. Mobile patrol unit is also determined to provide security services according to the peripheral condition of your environment.