Fire alarm system

Best fire alarm system provided by ECCN Inc.


Fires can occur and result in severe damages to your beautiful and highly architect building. Fire alarm systems are highly recommended to avoid such disasters. But only installing a fire alarm system is not sufficient. It does not provide you a guarantee of security and safety. There is a need of reliability and regular inspection and we are intended to provide all these services in Virginia to our clients.

At ECCN Inc., we have a highly experienced and professional team to deal with fire alarm systems with high stakes and tough codes. These team of technicians are not only good at their profession but very friendly and respectful. They put their personal touch while dealing with clients which ensures quality work.

We are here to design, install, repair and maintain fire alarm systems for each type of environment, small or large. From a single building to large corporate, microprocessor or hardwired based, IP or conventional.

We are here to protect your buildings with installation of pull stations, keypads, smoke detectors, heat detector, dangerous light detector, etc.

We offer repair services for all kinds of fire alarm systems. Our experience staff is here to service fire alarm systems as well as sprinkle systems. We also have special expertise in providing fire suppression system and have facilities for repairing and servicing all kinds of clean agent systems as carbon dioxide, FM200, inergen, and many other cleaning agents.

We also provide same day services for emergencies.  In addition, we provide services for repairing and recharging high capacity wheeled fire extinguisher and dry chemical systems.

We believe in providing superior services with proper attention and incomparable experience because it adds the value to the potential clients who know the importance of quality, reliability, performance, and maintenance.

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Keeping Your Property Safe With

-Carbon monoxide alarm installation and monitoring

-Evacuation system installation and monitoring

-Fire alarm inspection and tests

-Installation, maintenance, and monitoring of sprinkler systems

-Installation of devices such as keypads, pull stations, smoke detectors, heat detectors, strobe lights, and horns

-Monitoring of installed safety systems

-Repairs and regular service to alarm systems

-Smoke detectors and alarm installation