Q1. How does ECCN Inc. compare with other local companies providing similar services?

A1. Although there are other local businesses which offer security services, ECCN Inc. has a distinctive edge with our 5 monitoring stations nationwide, which are UL Listed. Along with alarm systems, we also offer Cameras, Home Automation, and Low Voltage Wiring for your home and office. Many of the other local companies do not offer all services in house, resulting in more money, time, and frustration for the customer. ECCN Inc. proudly stands behind our products like no other and our customers will gladly testify to that claim. You can call us before 1 pm either for a new install, repair, and/or upgrade on an existing system and we will get it done the same day. With ECCN Inc., you can rest assured knowing your needs are our priority.


Q2. How does ECCN Inc. compare to bigger or national security companies?

A2. When you call ECCN Inc., we answer the phone locally here in the State of Virginia. We give you an obligation-free consultation at no cost in your home or at your business. And unlike the bigger companies, our consultation is not set up to sell you a product but instead, better understand your needs. Of course we want to earn your business but we firmly believe that when you educate the consumer properly, they will appreciate it and be able to make a better guided decision. On the other hand, bigger or national security companies will simply ask you a few questions over the phone and imagine what your house or business looks like instead of actually seeing it. And more often than not, many consumers are left at the mercy of a sales person that is never to be found again once the sale closes. For ECCN Inc., each customer is recognized as an individual with unique needs and is treated as such. We value your business.


Q3. What if I need to upgrade my alarm or camera system?

A3. Not a problem. You may feel free to give us a call and we will try our best to assign you the same technician that completed the original install so you can feel confident that you are given the best value for your hard-earned money. This also adds a level of responsibility for our highly-trained technicians. Our policy requires us to follow up with a customer post-install regarding your installation experience and satisfaction. We pride ourselves in training our technicians, but with your permission we may send a manager to do quality control and grade the technician.

Q4. My system was installed by another company. Can I use the existing system with ECCN Inc.?

A4. Yes and No. Yes, we can take over an existing hard-wired system; however we will replace your panel and keypads, one reason is the panel may be proprietary to the previous company and the second major reason is when we give you a brand new panel we know it will last a long time and we will not have any service calls. ECCN Inc. uses well-known brands including GE, Honeywell, 2GIG, and DSC. In the wireless system, we also replace the Master Panel which has the keypad built-in for the same reasons mentioned above. You can call us and we will offer obligation-free consultation at no cost to better assist you in implementing your new system.


Q5. I heard a phone line is needed for central station monitoring?

A5. ECCN Inc. does not use landlines at all. We exclusively install wireless modules which communicate with our central stations using cellular towers and are more reliable and secure. Telephone lines can be cut which undermine the whole concept of security. With our wireless modules, many service requests, which would otherwise require a trip to your premises, can instead be completed remotely.

Q6. What is Alarm.com and does ECCN Inc. offer Alarm.com services?

A6. Alarm.com offers a wide range of services including home security, home automation, and energy management. ECCN Inc. has partnered with Alarm.com to offer our customers cutting-edge technology. We service and install security systems, home automation and energy management technologies, and educate towards a greener planet.

Q7. I am building a new house. Do you recommend security wiring for my house?

A7. ECCN Inc. cannot only install your security wiring during construction, but we offer a complete package for structured wiring to home owners which includes wiring for your telephones, computer networks, video services, and home theater systems. This is our specialty and we are equipped with the right tools to get the job done in a proper and timely manner. We carry all the required insurances and licenses to conduct such business. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs in greater detail.

Q8. What is structured wiring and does it need to be done during construction? What are my options?

A8. During the new construction of your home or commercial building, wiring can be installed and completely concealed once the building is completed. Centrally located panels and distribution hubs make life much simpler and easier to manage with options for expansions. If planned properly, structured wiring can pay off in the long run and increase the value of the property immediately. Wiring after the building is completed becomes much harder and in some instances, not completely concealable and requires repairs. Any new construction should include plans for structured wiring as telephones, television, internet services, home theater systems, and video monitoring services are common additions to new homes. We can work with your budget and give you all the possible options to accommodate your needs. Instead of the regular sales staff other companies falsely promote as up to task, ECCN Inc. actually has knowledgeable and trained technicians that will educate you and guide you through the entire process, ultimately resulting in a better decision by you.

Q9. How do you compare your prices to other service providers in the area?

A9. Our prices are very competitive. We believe in a fair and reasonable profit with steady growth. We encourage consumers to get multiple quotes from licensed companies and we will strive to beat any quote by a licensed company by 10%.


 Q10. What other services does ECCN Inc. offers?

A10. ECCN Inc. offers a multitude of services such as home security systems, business security systems, analog (CCTV) and IP camera system, Data, Voice, Office PBX systems, CAT 5e, CAT6 wiring commercial fiber optics installation and termination, office computer setup, firewall configuration, and network setup. We have successfully tested our pilot program for the GPS trackers in our own vehicles starting in the third quarter of 2013. We are ready to offer installation and monitoring to our commercial fleet customers in the first week of March 2014. For a complete list of services please see our services page.