As  a  business owner or home owner ,  securing your property is the utmost importance for  your  peace of mind.To achieve this, ECCN Inc. has highly trained professionals that will not only install the cutting  edge technology to deter  crimes  but  will  educate  you  on  how  to  get  the most  out of your systems. Many security companies are in business solely to profit what sets us apart from our competition is we treat every installation  as  if it  is  our  first customer. At ECCN Inc,  we  offer a wide range of options and services for keeping your home or business safe.

Our Security Services


-Burglar Alarms 

Video Surveillance

Fire Alarms

Card Access Control


If you or someone you know owns a business or home and is interested in having a security system installed, ECCN Inc. can help. Contact our offices today at 866-250-7600 or 703-722-6000 to speak with a trained member of our professional staff.