Alarm system

Keep your  property safe with our best alarm systems


Preventing a crime or theft at your premises can be easily achieved by installing an alarm system. It is your duty and our job to protect your property.

Be stress free with our alarm specific services at reasonable prices. We provide alarm services for both residential and commercial purposes. Whether a business is small or large, it can be protected with an alarm system. Burglar alarm system is an easy and effective way to have a peace of mind. These alarm systems reduces the risk to your property. If you are looking for quality burglar alarm services, proper installation, and maintenance of installed alarm system, then you can’t find a better company than ECCN Inc. in Virginia. We provide the best alarm services with our highly professional and skilled team. Also we provide 24 hours local and remote monitoring services to your alarm systems. We supply, install, repair and maintain all types of traditional wired and wireless burglar alarms to keep your property and business safe.

We provide burglar alarm systems with motion detectors, vibration sensors, or shock sensors to protect your premises. Also these alarm systems comes with a number of codes to control and monitor the entering and exiting parties. With any alarm, a signal is transferred to central monitoring station. The central station then contacts the authorized account holder(s). Our alarm systems provide everything you need to fulfill your requirement from the simplest situation to the most critical situation.

Our wireless burglar services make us different from others. These wireless alarm systems are not connected through any landline which involves a number of extra advantages as transmission of signal from alarm to central monitoring system wirelessly and increased security without any chances of any wire problem such as cut wires.

The rise of violent events and increasing burglaries increases the importance of these burglar alarm systems and ECCN Inc. is the best security company to provide your needs when it comes to protecting your premises.

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